How to Tie a Hunting Stock

by Allison Horky
Equestrians wear stock ties during competition.

Equestrians wear stock ties during competition.

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Equestrians often wear a hunting stock, or a stock tie, during events. These formal ties typically are white. The knot is secured with a stock pin placed through the knot or just below it. When used in the hunting field, the stock tie is a safety precaution. The tie can be used to bandage a horse's wounded leg or a rider's arm. The tie also keeps wind and rain off the rider's neck.

Items you will need

  • Stock tie
  • Stock-style safety pin
Step 1

Loop the stock tie completely around your neck until the buttonhole in the center of the stock is facing the front. Secure a button from your shirt into the buttonhole on the stock. Pass the unsecured end of the stock through the slit in the back of the stock, bringing both ends of the stock to your chest.

Step 2

Tie a knot in the stock close to the neck by looping the right end over the left end. The right-side end drapes over your shoulder; the left end hangs on your chest. Pull the knot tightly and work any folds out of the fabric.

Step 3

Fold the right end into a loop by pointing its end toward the ceiling. Pass the left end through the right-end loop by crossing over the right end's outside and threading the left end through the loop from the outside. Pull the end upward, creating a smooth-looking knot. The underside of the stock should be facing away from your body as you pull.

Step 4

Create an "X" with the two ends, putting the left end over the right end. Hold the ends in place with a stock-style safety pin through the knot or just below the knot. Stock-style pins often are decorative and larger than standard safety pins.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use regular safety pins to secure the ends of the stock to your shirt under your jacket.

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