How to Tie a Fishing Boat to a Limb or Stump

by Mike Johnson
Your fishing boat must be tied up securely.

Your fishing boat must be tied up securely.

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When you need to temporarily tie your fishing boat to a limb or stump, you want to choose a type of knot that will be simple to create and also fairly easy to untie for when you're ready to take your boat back on the water. An effective choice is the bowline knot. This knot can be tied and untied with ease, which makes it unreliable in situations such as mountain climbing where your life depends on the knot, but great for temporary situations that have no life-or-death danger, such as tying your fishing boat.

Step 1

Test the limb or stump that you plan to tie your fishing boat to. This is your anchor. It needs to be secure and completely immobile. If you can move it, even a budge, then it's not secure enough for your fishing boat.

Step 2

Loop the area of rope that will touch the limb or stump. This is called making an eye in the rope, and the end will eventually go through it.

Step 3

Place the loose end of rope around the limb or stump that you tested. Have at least a foot of extra rope at the end to work with.

Step 4

Poke the end of the rope through the eye you created.

Step 5

Wrap the end of the rope that you put through the eye around the remaining rope above the eye. Then, bring it around the rope and back through the eye again.

Step 6

Tug the end of the rope tightly to secure it around the limb or stump. This type of knot will keep your fishing boat tied.

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