Tie Dye Disco Party Ideas

by Leslie Nierste
Have your guests arrive in classic '60s and '70s outfits, ready to dance to disco music.

Have your guests arrive in classic '60s and '70s outfits, ready to dance to disco music.

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Celebrate a kid's or adult's birthday party in an innovative way with a tie dye and disco party. Bring together the best of the '60s and '70s for a memorable evening of colorful fun and music. With a little planning, decorating and some inventive food preparation, you can turn your party hours into a tie dye and disco wonderland.


Send out tie dye- or disco-themed invitations a few weeks before the partythat feature some tie dye or a disco ball. Alternatively, find a bunch of 8-track tapes at garage sales or online and make sticky labels with the party information on them. Tell your guests to come dressed in their favorite '60s or '70s styles and to be ready to disco the night away. Make sure to use key '60s and '70s lingo, such as "groovy" or "boogie," on the invitation.


Buy tie dye-patterned balloons and tie them around your door or mailbox to help guests find your house; put them up around the house as well to liven up the party area. Buy tie dye paper goods, such as napkins, table clothes, plates and cups, at your local party store. Designate one part of your house as the dance floor and hang a disco ball and black lights to give it a '70s club feel.


Hold a costume contest. Give out awards, such as "best '60s outfit," "best '70s outfit" or "best display of tie dye." Host a lip sync contest to your favorite tunes of the '70s and give a prize to the best act. Prepare guests for a night full of dancing in a designated dancing area and entertain them with a long play list of disco songs. (See resources for help with a playlist.) If the party is for kids, let them experiment with tie dye milk: place one cup of whole or 2-percent milk in front each child and ask them to drop in a few drops of food coloring using two or three colors. When they are ready, put one drop of dish soap in each cup and let them watch as tie dye colors seem to "magically" appear. Don't let them drink the milk. If you have the space, let guests tie dye their own shirts or socks. Buy a tie-dye kit and read the directions carefully beforehand.


Buy rainbow popsicles for an easy tie dye-inspired snack or dessert. Make a tie dye rainbow cake by dividing white cake batter into several small batches and using food coloring to dye each batch a different color. Add the batter to a cake pan and give it a quick swirl to let some of the colors meld, then bake. Serve fondue for a '70s-inspired snack.

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