Tie Dye Birthday Party Themes

by Kyra Sheahan

A tie-dyed party theme is a colorful way to celebrate a birthday. With swirly shades of purples, pinks, yellows, greens and more, these psychedelic rainbow hues can bring your guests back to the '60s. Or, for a child's birthday party, kids will enjoy playing with the tie-dyed accessories and oohing and aahing over the colors.


On your birthday party invitations, let guests know that this is a tie-dye party by printing the invitations on tie-dyed card stock or paper. The graphics will give away the party's theme, but in addition, add specific language such as "We hope you are not too tied up to come to Devin's birthday party!" or "Devin is dyeing to have you at his birthday party!" Another thing to consider is whether or not the guests should bring anything with them to be tie-dyed, such as a plain white T-shirt, socks or other clothing items. Use the bottom of your invitation to let guests know what they should bring, or whether you are providing the materials.


Tie-dyeing white T-shirts, socks, hats, tank tops or even white canvas shoes is an activity that birthday party guests will look forward to. Make tie-dyeing your main activity for the party, and set up an area outside for the tie-dyeing excitement to happen. Make buckets of different colored dyes for guests to choose from and let the dyeing begin. String up a clothes line for guests to hang their tie-dyed masterpieces to dry. Then, let guests take home their accessories as party favors.


Keep the tie-dye birthday party theme alive by preparing a tie-dyed cake. A tie-dyed cake is one of multiple colors that swirl around and mix together. Accomplish this look by preparing several bowls of white icing and adding different food coloring to each. Mixing up the individual icing bowls to create soft colors in blue, purple, green, yellow, red and pink. Then, ice the cake with a spatula, mixing the colors by swirling them around with the spatula. On the top of the cake you can embellish with multi-colored candies, candy confetti, candles and words that say "Happy Birthday."


For a tie dye birthday party, you can decorate your home or party venue with colorful decorations, such as balloons, table cloths, flowers, streamers and confetti. Even your disposable plates, utensils, napkins and cups should be colorful. Since this is a birthday party, don't forget to put up colorful banners that say "Happy Birthday" and other birthday paraphernalia.

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