A Thumb Print Dove Craft

by Christi Aldridge
Transform a handprint into a peaceful dove decoration.

Transform a handprint into a peaceful dove decoration.

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Doves are symbols of peace, unity and love. These birds are commonly seen in Christmas decorations, but dove crafts can be made year round. Start with a child's handprint and fingerprint, and in the future the project will be a tangible reminder of those little hands.


For your dove thumbprint and handprint craft, start with a heavy white paper such as poster board or card stock, a pencil, scissors, stamp ink and markers. If you want to turn your dove into an ornament you need a hole punch and some ribbon or string. Glue on a googly eye if you want to help define the dove's face. White craft feathers are perfect to decorate the dove.


To make the body of the dove, have your child press his hand on to the card stock or poster board. Using the pencil, trace the shape of his hand. Have him hold his fingers close together while tracing, with the thumb outstretched a bit. The fingers form the dove's wings and the thumb is the dove's head. Cut the handprint out with the scissors.


Your child's thumbprint personalizes the dove's head. Help him press his thumb onto an inkpad and then make a print over the paper thumb. Create the dove's face by gluing one googly eye onto the head. Use markers to draw a beak for the dove onto the thumb and any markings you want your bird to have.


Since doves are beautiful white birds, decorate your bird using school glue and white craft feathers. Alternately, your child can decorate his dove using markers to draw wings and feathers, or using inked thumb- and fingerprints. When your child is done decorating, make a hole at the top with a hole punch and run a ribbon through it to hang the dove.

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