How to Throw a Viking Party

by Krista Lee Childers

Vikings were fierce Nordic warriors who sailed the seas, raiding and pillaging any settled land they came across. Viking-themed parties are entertaining any time of the year, for children and adults alike. You can use traditional Nordic fare and decorations to add to the theme of your party, and dress up to celebrate these rough Norse fighters.

Items you will need

  • Invitations
  • Costumes
  • Decorations
  • Nordic fare
  • Games
Step 1

Make a Viking-themed invitation. Design the invitations in the shape of traditional Viking longboats, helmets or drinking horns. You could also use a traditional, rectangular card adorned with stickers or hand-drawn Viking-themed pictures. Use the Havamal -- Book of Viking Wisdom -- for quotes on the front, inside or back. Include the word "skål," a Danish and Icelandic word meaning "cheers" on your invitations for an adult party.

Step 2

Clarify the theme on your invitations. Let your guests know what to expect -- what kind of food will be served, what kind of games or entertainment will be provided and what costumes are required. Let your guests know if you will be providing plastic swords, shields and helmets. If you will not be providing costumes, encourage your guests to bring them along or wear them to the party.

Step 3

Decorate the party area with Viking paraphernalia. Drape faux or real fur over wooden furniture or hang Scandinavian tapestries on your walls. Add rough-looking table coverings -- stain a fabric tablecloth with coffee or ink. Anything that looks old and nautical also works. The Vikings were tough and lived the same way, without luxuries. If the party is outside, have a fire going.

Step 4

Prepare food that Vikings may have eaten, such as smoked fish and homemade bread. Vikings had to hunt and scavenge for their own food, so serve large roughly cut pieces of meat and cheese. Serve fruit and vegetables on slabs of wood or aged dishware. Serve mead, wine and beer. Sparkling or regular fruit juice is another option. Use plastic or real drinking horns to serve your beverages, if possible. If you have a fire at your party, roast food over the flames.

Step 5

Play games that are Viking-themed. Hnefatafl is an ancient Vinking game similar to chess. Design your own game, like "Pin the Sail on the Ship." Cut out a large longboat shape and sail and have guests spin around blindfolded, then attempt to stick the sail on the proper area of the ship. Another option is "Pin the Horns on the Viking Helmet." You could make a piñata in the shape of a dragon. Use a plastic club or sword to hit the piñata and release candy -- you could even fill it with Swedish fish.

Tips & Warnings

  • Emphasize to your guests, especially children, that any plastic weapons provided by you or brought to the party should not be used to hurt anyone.
  • If you have a fire at your party, do not leave it unattended or allow children near the fire without adult supervision.

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