How to Throw a UFC Party

by Si Kingston

To have a knockout time at your UFC party, you'll need some key ingredients. Guests come to a UFC party expecting food, drinks, friends and most importantly, mixed-martial arts. The UFC, or the Ultimate Fighting Championships, has steadily gained in popularity since it's inception in 1993. Fans really get a kick out of the highly-skilled mixed martial arts, and commonly hook up with friends to idolize, scold and berate the fighters.

Items you will need

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Television
  • Chairs
Step 1

Send an invitation to the UFC party by mail or email. Include the date of the UFC fight, the names of featured fighters, the time you want guests to arrive and the party's location. Make sure to inform guests if they need to bring any food, drink -- for instance, B.Y.O.B. -- or pay an entrance fee to offset the pay-per-view cost. Remind guests to RSVP, so you will know how much food to purchase.

Step 2

Prepare food and drinks for the party. Include finger foods, like chips, pretzels and chicken wings, which are easy to pick up and eat. Pizza, sandwiches and beer are also popular foods to provide at a UFC party. You can also barbecue steaks, hamburgers and chicken. Make sure to have plenty of paper cups, plates, utensils and napkins.

Step 3

Put the biggest screen TV in your family room, den or other area where you intend to hold the party. The bigger the screen, the more involved your guests will feel in the fight.

Step 4

Call your cable or satellite company to order the fight on pay-per-view. In most cases, UFC fights are among premium services, which means you'll need to pay extra for them. Some companies allow you to order premium shows directly from your cable or satellite box.

Step 5

Place plenty of seating in front of your big screen television. Feel free to clean off lawn chairs and bring them inside to accommodate a large number of guests.

Step 6

Add extra excitement to the party by asking each guest to pick the fighter they think will win. If that fighter loses, the guest is penalized in some way -- for instance, they can take a drink or some other agreed upon penalty. Don't do anything too dangerous, because you don't want people to get hurt while they're supposed to be having a good time.

Step 7

Hold a nonUFC event after the fight. Prepare a mud pit in the backyard and allow guests to wrestle each other to the ground. Rent plastic Sumo wrestler outfits and allow guests to get out some aggression. Make sure guests understand that all nonUFC events are for fun, and they are not to purposely inflict injury.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you plan to serve alcoholic beverages at the party, encourage guests to drink responsibly and have a designated driver or take a taxi.