How to Throw a Successful 30th Birthday Party

by Todd Bowerman
Your 30th party is entirely up to you.

Your 30th party is entirely up to you.

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Turning 30 is a landmark birthday that marks the end of your roaring 20s and the beginning of everything else. One of the most exciting ways to celebrate a milestone birthday like this is throwing a massive party and inviting your friends and family. Birthday parties celebrate the passage of time and provide you with an opportunity to catch up with the people about whom you care. While the specifics of your party are up to you, there are several key components of any successful party experience.

Step 1

Create a guest list. It is tempting to simply shoot out emails or text messages, but starting with a concrete guest list is the best way to anticipate how many people will show and to make sure you do not miss anyone.

Step 2

Book a location at least two weeks in advance. You can throw a party at your house if you want, but arcades, bars, restaurants, bowling alleys and skating rinks give your guests something to do.

Step 3

Send out invitations as soon as you confirm the party's time and location. You want to give people as much time as possible to plan for the party. Require an R.S.V.P. from each invitee to keep your party size updated.

Step 4

Plan to get enough food to cover everyone that confirms they will be attending, plus a few stragglers. Some party guests are sure to show up with friends, significant others or extra family, so be ready to feed a few extra guests.

Step 5

Ask a few friends for help setting up the party space before the party begins. Streamers, banners, ribbons and signs all make for a festive environment. Also, remember to get food, tables and serving ware settled before your guests arrive.

Step 6

Enjoy your party while it is happening. Remember that the party is for you, so don't worry if everything doesn't go according to plan. Try to relax and have a good time, since you only get to celebrate this birthday once.

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