How to Throw a Player's Ball Party

by Mario Ramos
Every player should be called for the player's ball.

Every player should be called for the player's ball. Images

A player, as it's commonly known, is someone (usually a man, but not always) that is extremely popular with the opposite sex. A player's ball celebrates and highlights this popularity. To throw one successfully will require careful planning and patience. Many factors are involved. Nevertheless, it's worth it: If done correctly, a player's ball guarantees a spectacular time for all who attend, regardless of how great (or not so great) a player you are.

Items you will need

  • Venue
  • Guest list (if desired)
  • Invitations or flyers detailing the event
  • Catering service specializing in "soul food"
  • Deejay
Step 1

Choose a venue. It should be elegant, but not so high class that loud music will be prohibited. Book it at least two months in advance, which is when you should start making preparations.

Step 2

Decide whether to create a guest list or to make the party available to the general public. If you have a guest list, you will have more control over who will attend and unpleasant altercations should be unlikely. If that doesn't matter to you, make it open to everyone and charge people at the door, but make sure that you hire security to ensure the safety of your guests.

Step 3

Specify attire in the invitations. Whether you have decided to have a guest list or not, make sure that the attendees look appropriate for the event. Men should dress formally (suit and tie, no sneakers or baseball caps) with an emphasis on outlandish styles from the 1970s (brightly colored furs, ornate walking canes, garish jewelry and the like). Women should dress as provocatively as they can (styles from the 70s are encouraged here as well).

Step 4

Distribute the invitations. They should reflect the theme of the player's ball. Mention attire requirements, the "soul food" dinner that will be served and contests ("best dressed," "worst dressed" and similar). If you have a guest list, mail the invites at least 20 days in advance. If you do not, make sure you promote the event by printing flyers and distributing them in places where people who would be interested in a player's ball are most likely to be.

Step 5

Hire a catering company that specializes in "soul food." The menu should generally consist of fried chicken, candied yams, baked macaroni & cheese, collard greens and other Southern favorites. The caterers should be more than willing to help you assemble a suitable menu for your guests.

Step 6

Hire a deejay. This music pro should be well acquainted with funk and soul classics of the 1970s, as well as with popular R&B; and hip-hop songs of the present day, especially those from the southeastern United States. The DJ should also have a reputation for getting the crowd on the dance floor; be sure to ask for references.

Tips & Warnings

  • Consider hiring a security firm to make sure that things don't get out of hand at the player's ball.

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