How to Throw a Party in Toon Town

by Dan Taylor

You can throw a party for a group of Toons in Disney's "Toontown" online game and include a variety of activities and decorations. "Toontown," a family-friendly game intended for kids ages 7 and up, is a three-dimensional virtual world with cartoon characters who perform missions defeating the evil corporate "Cogs" through pranks. The game also functions as a place for socializing, and a party is a good way to hook up with friends and family online.

Step 1

Find a Toontown "party gate." It will look like a big party hat that has balloons and sparklers.

Step 2

Talk to the Party Planner Toon, who will help you set up a party. A party will cost 100 jellybeans to set up, although additional activities and decorations will cost you extra.

Step 3

Move items you've rented using your mouse to drag them onto places in the map to design your party.

Step 4

Choose whether to make your party public or private after you're done designing the party. Then, pick a day and time that it will take place.

Step 5

Select an invitation to send to the invitees if you chose a private party. You can invite up to 20 Toons.

Step 6

Click the "Start Party!" button once you receive the in-game whisper alert that it is time for your party.

Tips & Warnings

  • To throw a "Toontown" party, you must have purchased a membership and be a Member player. Free players can attend parties, but they cannot host one.