How to Throw a Huck in Frisbee

by Izzy Barden
Learning the proper mechanics can improve your throwing abilities.

Learning the proper mechanics can improve your throwing abilities.

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There are many different throwing styles in the Ultimate Frisbee -- from the "hammer" to the "huck" to the "flat" and several others. Most throws, including the huck, can be done backhand and forehand. In both versions of the huck, the Frisbee should start at an angle and flatten out as it flies, causing it to turn either right or left, depending on your dominant arm. This throw can fly a variety of lengths as well, as determined by the length of your shoulder turn before release.

Items you will need

  • Frisbee


Step 1

Grip the Frisbee in your dominant hand with your thumb on the outside rim and your fingers on the inside. Some players choose to only hold the disc with their index and middle fingers, but others incorporate the ring finger. The farther you want the Frisbee to travel, the tighter you should grip it.

Step 2

Turn your shoulders towards your non-dominant side, holding the disc about waist high and angling it towards the ground. The farther you turn your shoulders the farther you will be able to throw the disc.

Step 3

Turn back towards your target, sweeping your throwing arm up and across your body, releasing the Frisbee at about chest height with a snap of your wrist. The disc should fly up and off target (towards your dominant side) until it begins to flatten out, causing it to lower and spin back on target.


Step 1

Grip the rim of the Frisbee with your dominant hand -- thumb on the outside and your index and middle fingers applying pressure to the inside.

Step 2

Face your target and bring the Frisbee back on your dominant side, about waist high. Turn your shoulders to assist the motion. Your forearm should be parallel to the ground and with just past a 90 degree bend at your elbow.

Step 3

Step towards your target with your dominant foot and sweep your throwing arm up and out, releasing the Frisbee at about chest height.

Step 4

Snap your wrist upon release to add extra rotation. The disc should fly upwards and slightly off-target (toward your non-dominant side), until it flattens itself out and spins back on target.

Tips & Warnings

  • If playing Ultimate Frisbee, it is mandated that at least one of your feet be planted at all times when holding the Frisbee. This includes when throwing it. Learn to create a solid base with your feet, so you can throw a huck or any other style throw without working to shift position.
  • Always stretch before throwing a disc to prevent injury and ensure your muscles a full range of motion.

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