How to Throw an Egyptian Party

by Brenda Priddy
Celebrate ancient Egypt with an Egyptian-themed party.

Celebrate ancient Egypt with an Egyptian-themed party.

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Egyptian culture has fascinated the world for thousands of years. An Egyptian theme is an unusual party idea that can work well with children or adults, and it makes an excellent costume party. With just a few decorating techniques and careful planning, you can quickly put together a party that will please even the pickiest partygoers.

Step 1

Create Egyptian-themed invitations to send to party guests. Tear the edges off of a plain white piece of paper. Stain the paper brown with wet tea bags to look like old paper. Write the party details onto the paper after it dries. Use Egyptian stickers to decorate the invitations.

Step 2

Decorate the party room to look like an old Egyptian building or tomb. Create some large pyramid shapes from yellow or brown paper and tape them to the walls. Use red, green and gold balloons and streamers to decorate the room. Find posters depicting images from ancient Egypt and tape them to the wall.

Step 3

Provide guests with white cloth and Egyptian jewelry to create costumes for themselves when they arrive. Boys and men can tie white "kilts," or loincloths, over their pants or shorts, and girls and women can cover their usual clothes with white toga-like dresses. Draw dark eye makeup on guests with an eyeliner crayon.

Step 4

Set up an outdoor sand pit for children to dig in. Bury several archaeologically themed prizes and fake bones for children to find. Children can take home any item they uncover.

Step 5

Play Egyptian-themed games at your party. Have guests hunt for rubber or plastic "scarab" insects hidden throughout the party room or outdoors. Make a list of several old riddles for guests to solve, in the tradition of the Sphinx. Hold an "Egyptian race," in which guests must use the classic Egyptian walk throughout the entire race.

Step 6

Serve Egyptian-inspired food at the party. Offer nuts and dried fruit as a snack. Fill pita pockets with grilled meat and vegetables for an authentic Egyptian meal. Serve kabob skewers of meat, vegetables or fruit. Fruit juice or other tropical juices make good drinks.

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