How to Throw a Bubble Party

by Monica Patrick

Harmless and entertaining, a bubble party is a joyful, exciting event for children between the ages of 3 and 8. Hiring a "bubble jockey" -- a disc jockey who specializes in playing at bubble parties and brings the bubble-making equipment along -- makes it a little easier, but you can throw this kind of party yourself. Having a variety of clear or colorful bubbles at the party will make children feel as if they've entered a magical bubble world. Hold your party indoors if you have a large enough space, or outside to avoid scattering soapy bubbles indoors. Throw a bubble-tastic party for your child's birthday or special event.

Items you will need

  • Four bubble machines
  • Bubble liquid
  • CD player
  • CD of kids' music
  • Carbonated can drinks
  • Ice cream
  • Ice cream cones
  • Scoop
  • Cupcakes with candy bubbles
  • Bubble favors
Step 1

Fill four bubble machines with bubble liquid. Arrange the bubble machines around the party area, pointing the machines toward a center point, such as a dance floor.

Step 2

Adjust the bubble sizes by changing the settings on the machine. Choose some to shoot out giant bubbles, while leaving one or two machines at regular bubble sizes.

Step 3

Play some peppy kid-friendly music. Turn on the bubble machines. Call the kids to the bubble area. Encourage kids to dance and party on the dance floor.

Step 4

Serve carbonated drinks and bubble-inspired cupcakes or ice cream cones.

Tips & Warnings

  • Award prizes to a birthday guest of honor. Make him the "Bubble King" or her the "Bubble Queen."
  • Very small children may be tempted to touch the bubble machines or play with them. Camouflage the machines, if possible, to hide them from children. Be vigilant and keep kids away from electrical equipment.

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