How to Throw an Awesome Sleepover Party

by Brenda Priddy
Careful planning creates an awesome slumber party.

Careful planning creates an awesome slumber party.

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A sleepover is a favorite party with children of all ages. However, sleepovers can quickly get out of hand. Without a scheduled program, children can get crazy and run into trouble. With proper planning, you can throw an awesome slumber party while avoiding many of the issues that frequently ruin them. Plan the event with your child to create an event satisfying to both of you.

Step 1

Prepare for the party several days in advance. Plan the activities with the birthday child or whoever the party is for. This way, you can come up with activities guests will actually enjoy.

Step 2

Schedule activities for the entire evening and morning. Children tend to get into trouble during downtime, so provide plenty of supervised stimulation to prevent disaster. The amount of parental supervision guests need will vary depending on their age, but parents should check in every now and then, even for older children's parties.

Step 3

Serve food throughout the evening. Offer a simple supper, such as pizza, hot dogs or finger foods. Older children may enjoy preparing their own mini-pizzas or tacos. Provide healthy snacks, such as cut fruit and veggies. Popcorn, chips and trail mix make snacks ideal for slumber parties. A sundae bar is a fun dessert for a sleepover because it allows guests to be creative and make their desserts any way they like.

Step 4

Plan an activity for immediately after guests arrive. Make it simple, such as laying out several board games, crafts, card games or video games for guests to play.

Step 5

Provide the main entertainment after supper. This can vary, depending on the age of the child and the theme of the party. Try a movie night, outdoor scavenger hunt after dark, makeovers or building a giant indoor tent.

Step 6

Set a specific lights-out time. Allow children to settle into bed a few minutes before the final lights-out time to get out all of their giggles. Some children may want to tell scary stories or chat for a while before bed.

Step 7

Plan a big meal the following morning. Build-your-own pancakes or omelets are a hit with kids of all ages. You can also make yogurt parfaits or a breakfast casserole. Arrange a specific pickup time with parents beforehand to avoid the problem of lingering guests.

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