How to Throw an Awesome Murder Mystery Party

by Jaimie Zinski
Have guests dress up to get into their murder mystery character.

Have guests dress up to get into their murder mystery character.

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If you are tired of throwing the same boring chips and dips, small-talk filled party, a murder mystery party is another option that will delight your friends and family members without breaking the bank. During a murder mystery party, one of the guests is chosen to be killed and another is the murderer. It is up to the remaining guests to figure out whodunit, solve the mystery and enjoy a few victory cocktails.

Items you will need

  • Murder mystery kit (optional)
  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Goody bags
  • Food and drinks
  • Bloody knife
  • Prize
Step 1

Compile a guest list and choose a date for the event. Consider only inviting adults to the party; some of the content may not be suitable for younger children. Pick a date that is at least two to three weeks in the future to give you adequate time for planning.

Step 2

Choose a theme for the event. Throw your murder mystery party against the backdrop of the roaring 1920s or set up an event that is held during the Wild West. Many murder mystery kits, available at book and party stores, come equipped with themes, invitations and instructions on how to throw the party. Use these to find the theme for the party or concoct your own murder plot.

Step 3

Send out invitations at least two weeks before the date of the party. Write down all of the pertinent information on the invitations, including the date, time and location of the affair. Let everyone know the theme of your party and a costume is required. Tell all of the guests to RSVP. This will ensure that you will concoct a story that features all of your party guests.

Step 4

Locate decorations for the party. Set the mood of the party by transforming your home into a setting that will get your guests into the spirit of the event. Visit thrift shops, antique stores, party supply stores or ask friends and family members for any pieces that will fit in with your theme. Construct goody bags that are filled with inexpensive gadgets, chocolates or small bottles or liquor for the guests that do not correctly identify the murderer.

Step 5

Work out the details of the murder mystery plot. Write your own script for the party or follow the script of a store-bought murder mystery kit. Keep the plot simple enough to solve in one evening but difficult enough to keep the party-goers scratching their heads. Give everyone at the party a role to play.

Step 6

Design a menu for the party. Choose food and drinks that will fit in well with the theme. Avoid setting a formal table for the party and instead offer the guests finger food or a buffet dinner to allow them to circulate during the event.

Step 7

Set up the party the night before. Decorate your home and give a few key players in the play a call to ensure they will be there.

Step 8

Greet everyone at the door as they enter. Give each person a piece of paper that outlines his character, including the murderer and the victim. Inform each guest to keep his identity a secret, even from a spouse. Write down the time and place of the murder on the victim's and murderer's sheets only. Give the murder victim a knife covered with fake blood to keep in a purse or pocket. Instruct the victim when to use the knife, which occurs when the lights go out.

Step 9

Turn of the lights at the time of the murder. When the lights come back on, the victim will be on the floor with the bloody knife by her side.

Step 10

Allow the guests to eat, drink and ask questions. During this time, the murderer will be uncovered through the correct questions. If the guests are having trouble discovering the murderer, give them clues or eliminate certain guests as possible suspects.

Step 11

Give a prize to the person that solves the crime. Offer all the other guests a goody bag as they exit the affair.

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