Three Reasons to Go Bungee Jumping

by Ted Marten
Bungee jumper can jump off bridges, buildings and platforms.

Bungee jumper can jump off bridges, buildings and platforms.

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Bungee jumping is an extreme sport that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to an elastic cord. The purpose of this sport is to experience a free fall before the cord recoils and snaps you back. The decision to go bungee jumping is personal, and while it is considered a safe activity, make sure it's an enjoyable one.

Beginning of Something More

If you are looking to get into extreme sports, bungee jumping may be the ideal sport to get started. To bungee jump, you don't need to purchase any equipment and no experience is required. You just need to find a location, pay a fee and be adventurous. Once you complete your bungee-jumping experience, you may want to continue participating in other extreme sports, including skydiving, base jumping, cliff jumping and hang gliding.

Experience with Friends

For many, bungee jumping may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can share with a group friends. Whether it's a pre-planned occasion or a spur-of-the-moment decision, bungee jumping with friends will create memories, offer storytelling opportunities and provide a chance to share memories with those close to you. Friends can also share the bungee jumping experience over and over again through pictures and video recordings.

Conquer Fear

If you are living with a fear of heights, one way to conquer your fear is to safely jump 100 feet off a structure. Being able to conquer this fear, may allow you to gain confidence and relieve stress in your life. While bungee jumping may be a bit much for those in the beginning stages of trying to overcome a fear of heights, it can be an end goal for some.


One of the main reasons not to bungee jump is because you feel social peer pressure. Whether you are nervous, scared of heights or with friends, if you do not feel comfortable jumping off a structure, don't attempt to prove your moxie to those around.

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