Thomas the Train Party Idea for Girls

by Sky Martin

If your daughter loves the train Thomas the Tank Engine, she is not alone. Many kids around the world are captivated by this charming train and his friends. For over 60 years, these fictional engines and their accompanying engineers have taught children valuable life lessons such as sharing, playing fairly and getting along with others. Bring this magical world to your doorstep by throwing your daughter a Thomas the Tank Engine party.


Although its usually easy to find Thomas the Tank Engine invitations for little boys, it can be more difficult to find some for little girls. Use some creativity to craft customized Thomas party invitations. Use a computer program to create birthday invitations that are shaped like train tickets. Print out the train ticket invitations on pastel colored paper like pink, lavender or mint green. Place a sticker of your daughter's favorite Thomas the Tank Engine character on the top. Below the sticker, write the greeting: "All Aboard the Birthday Express . . . Molly is Turning Five!" Write party details like arrival time: when the party begins; departure time: when the party ends; station address: the location of the party; and RSVP information below the greeting.

Party Decor

Choose a color scheme for her Thomas the Tank Engine party based on your daughter's favorite color. Some possibilities include using the primary colors found in the trains such as red, yellow and blue. Or if you want a girlish look, go with the colors found on the girl characters like lavender and white, or mauve and white, or purple, hot pink and white. Place balloon bouquets of five to nine balloons that match your color scheme at the entrance and throughout the party area. Let some balloons float to the ceiling. Drape party streamers that match your color scheme from one wall to the other. Place a few Mylar balloons that are shaped like Thomas in the room. Use a couple of railroad crossing signs to decorate the party area. To make, cut rectangles out of cardboard that measure 4 inches wide and 16 inches long. Instead of painting them white, paint the rectangles a feminine color such as pink or lavender. Glue the rectangles into an X. Use a black marker to write Railroad on one rectangle and Crossing on the other. Or write things such as, "Birthday Gifts Here" or "Game Area" on the signs. Use double sided tape to hang the signs on the wall. Create train tracks with tape on the floor.

Cake Ideas

Wow your little guests and the birthday girl with a birthday cake shaped like one of the female Thomas the Tank Engine characters. Decorate the cake with buttercream frosting to look like Molly, Lady or Rosie. Or decorate a round or square cake with one of the female characters. Have a few other Thomas the Tank Engine cake decorations on the cake in case they aren't familiar with the other characters. Another option is to decorate cupcakes using the colors found in Molly, Lady or Rosie like lavender, mauve or yellow.


Keep little guests entertained with various activities based on the theme. Play a different version of pin the tail on the donkey. For this party, play pin the caboose on the train. Use markers or acrylic paints to make a train on poster board. Cut out a caboose out of cardstock. Blindfold each guest and have them try to pin the caboose on the train. Another activity is to have your guests make train conductor hats that they can wear throughout the party and take home with them. Check out your local hardware store for inexpensive painter hats. Have guests decorate their hats with fabric paints, acrylic paint or markers.