Things to Do at a Slumber Party So You Won't Fall Asleep

by Cathryn Whitehead
Sleeping is at the bottom of the list of slumber party activities

Sleeping is at the bottom of the list of slumber party activities

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Slumber parties are sleepovers for a group of people that involve a number of activities, none of which include sleeping. In fact, dire consequences may await individuals who give into slumber. To avoid recordings of snoring, the hand stuck in peanut butter that ends up on the nose trick or photographs of unflattering makeovers, there are activities guaranteed to keep everyone awake.


Slumber parties should include games that require mental or physical activities that will keep guests alert. Have them play charades, where one person acts out the title of a book, movie or song while the others try to guess the correct title. Start a game of truth or dare, in which guests take turns truthfully answering a question or carrying out a task. Or play other video games that require physical interaction. You can also offer a game of Twister, have a hula hoop contest or have guests sing karaoke.


A sappy love story or psychological drama may work early in the evening, but to keep everyone at the party awake watching movies late at night, you'll need to provide thrillers that keep them on the edge of their seats or comedies that make them laugh until they cry. Mix and match slasher or horror films with laugh-out-loud shows. Turn off the lights, provide flashlights and encourage guests to tell their own scary stories.


Slumber parties are not the time for soft, easy-listening songs that lull you to sleep. Instead, provide loud music with a good beat that makes everyone want to get up and dance. Choose music everyone knows the words to so that they can sing along or provide lyrics. Have everyone bring a favorite CD to ensure each guest has music to enjoy.


It's hard to fall asleep while you're dancing. Have guests take part in fun group dances like the chicken dance, hokey pokey and the limbo. Teach line dances and let everyone practice together until they're perfect. Bring some videos to the party that will help all the partygoers learn the latest new moves or encourage them to make up their own dances.


Caffeine and sugar can give a temporary burst of energy, but guests will definitely crash if you don't include snacks that keep blood sugar levels even and protein levels up. Provide healthy choices that include nuts, granola, salsa, ice water and fruit, such as oranges, apples and berries to help keep guests from crashing.

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