Things to Do at a Sleepover Party for Girls

by Erin Moonyeen Haley
Sleepovers are a time when girlfriends can party and bond.

Sleepovers are a time when girlfriends can party and bond.

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Sleepovers are a coming-of-age staple in the life of a girl. Whether gossiping, playing games, having beauty sessions or watching movies, slumber parties are a way for girls to bond and have a good time. There are numerous ways to spice up the night while also strengthening the ties of friendship and making memories.

Beauty Night

Turn a living room or bedroom into a beauty parlor. Start by setting out various shades of nail polish, emery boards and clippers. When the girls arrive, fill bowls with warm water and soap. Pair girls together and take turns giving each other manicures and pedicures. For an extra touch, purchase stickers that can go on the nails. For an old-fashioned touch, wrap the hair in curlers and leave them in over night. Another option is to purchase teen magazines and try out the hair styles and makeup looks in the pages. To create a spa atmosphere, light scented candles and slice up cold cucumbers to put on the eyes.

Movie Night

Set up a snack table by filling bowls with popcorn, potato chips and favorite candies. Decide on a specific genre of films and set out a selection that girls can vote on what to watch. If musicals are the theme, options include "Grease," "Moulin Rouge" and "Mamma Mia." Or, go with perennial teenage favorites such as "The Breakfast Club," "Mean Girls," "Clueless" and "Shag." If the night's mood is one of swoony romance, offer up "Romeo and Juliet," "Titanic" and "West Side Story." Between movies, set up an ice cream station with sprinkles, chocolate syrup, maraschino cherries and bananas for banana splits. Also play movie-themed trivia games.

Game Night

There are a plethora of games to keep girls occupied. One such game is Mummy. Divide the girls up into teams of two or more people. While one person stands still, her teammates race to wrap her in toilet paper like a mummy. Another game is Telephone. Girls sit in a circle and whisper a phrase to the person next to them. They try to repeat it verbatim to each person and listen to how the phrase gets garbled as it goes around. For younger girls, play freeze dancing, where one person plays music and the others dance. When she turns off the music, everyone freezes. The last person to do so has to sit out. The last girl standing is the winner.

Craft Night

Sleepovers are a time when girls can get crafty. Purchase beads, fish wire and clasps and put them in the middle of the table and let girls make their own necklace or bracelet. Or, since it is a slumber party, have everyone bring a plain pillow case and then decorate it with glitter glue and puffy paint. If it is a group of girls who get together frequently, have everyone bring favorite pictures and glue them on a poster board to create a collage commemorating their friendship.

Camping Night

Take the sleepover outdoors. Either sleep in sleeping bags under the stars or set up a tent. Have an adult help light a fire, or use a circle of candles to melt marshmallows and toast s'mores. Either read ghost stories aloud or tell ones that the girls remember. Get active and have a scavenger hunt, where each team hunts for outdoor items on a preplanned list.

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