Things to Scare People at a Halloween Party

by Randi Bergsma
Halloween parties are a perfect opportunity to scare your unsuspecting friends.

Halloween parties are a perfect opportunity to scare your unsuspecting friends.

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Halloween parties are the perfect location for scary pranks. Use the commotion of the party and the camouflage of costume to your advantage when scaring your unsuspecting guests. If you use inexpensive, low-tech methods to put your pranks together, you can find all the items you'll need at a local craft or dollar store and create haunting Halloween memories for your family and friends.

The Haunted House Prank

Before your Halloween party guests arrive, tie fishing line to furniture. The most effective method is to tie lines to the legs of chairs and unbreakable decorative items. Make sure you purchase fishing line that is nearly invisible and tie it in an inconspicuous location, for example, behind the back legs of a bar stool. Run lines from the furniture to the outside of the room so that they'll go unnoticed but end right where you'll be sitting. Welcome guests and invite them to sit down. Let them get comfortable before tugging on the fishing lines at your side. Your guests will scream when they see furniture moving on its own and accessories being "thrown" off tables. This works particularly well if you have a rocking chair or a computer chair with wheels; with strong enough fishing line you can move them out from under someone.

Hire A Few Ghosts

Have friends or your teenage kids dress up in white makeup and clothing and have them walk along the sides of the road to greet your party guests. If you're hiring caterers, you could also ask for a few extra waitresses to dress up and haunt the path to your party. Ghostly makeup kits can be purchased from party supply stores and old white sheets can be draped to look like misty clothing. Your "ghosts" could wander in the dark with lanterns or hold flashlights under their chins to create spooky faces. This works especially well if you live in a rural area with a cornfield or forest from which the "ghosts" can emerge. If you have a long driveway, the ghosts can wander up and down it, lighting the way for arriving vehicles.

The Creepy Cooler Trick

If you plan on having buckets or coolers full of ice to keep drinks cold, add a scary surprise to your Halloween party. Purchase a fake arm or head from a craft or party store and cover it in fake blood. Place the head or limb in a cooler and place drinks on top until it's buried. Guests will grab drinks throughout the evening and eventually someone will be shocked by the "surprise" at the bottom the cooler. You could use a plastic spider or other bugs instead of a bloody limb; this is a good option if any of your guests have a fear of spiders.

The Scarecrow Prank

The scarecrow prank can be used on party guests and trick or treaters. Have friends dress up as scarecrows or other human-like Halloween decorations and sit on your porch. When guests arrive, they will likely comment on how creepy the decorations are and want to touch them or take pictures. At the perfect moment, the "scarecrows" will spring to life, scaring party guests before they even make it through the door. This is extra creepy if you have a cornfield near you house and can have people stand on raised platforms with their arms out like inanimate scarecrows. Guests will see them as they pull into the driveway and be shocked when they start to move or chase the car. You can also set this up inside your home, with scarecrows placed on your couch or in chairs.


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