Things Most People Don't Know About Elvis Presley

by Jennifer Gibbons

Elvis Presley was known as the "King of Rock and Roll." He helped introduce America and the world to a new kind of music and was propelled to fame when he was 20 years old. Elvis served in the U.S. Army, made over 33 movies and had a singing career that spanned almost two decades. He lived a legendary life, but there are still some facts about his life that may surprise some people.


Elvis may have been one of a kind but he spent his gestational months as a twin. His brother Jessie Garon was stillborn. He was assumed to have been an identical twin to Elvis but the world will never know as Jessie was buried in an unmarked grave.

First Job - Last Laugh

Elvis mowed lawns with his buddies at $4 per yard but his first formal job was at Loew's State Theater where he worked as an usher. He was fired after an altercation with a co-worker, but Elvis was vindicated when his "Jailhouse Rock" premiered there in 1957.

Lost Love

Elvis had many known romantic conquests like Ann-Margret, Natalie Wood and Nancy Sinatra. Another actress, Elizabeth Montgomery -- who later starred in the TV series "Bewitched" -- was said to have fallen in love with Elvis on the movie set for "Kid Galahad." She was married to the co-star, Gig Young. Gig was never convinced that Liz didn't have an affair with Elvis. The marriage unraveled and Gig eventually shot his subsequent wife and himself.

Last Read

Apparently Elvis was an avid reader and had a curiosity concerning his deep faith. The last book he was said to have read was "A Scientific Search for the Face of Jesus." When his body was found in his bathroom at Graceland this book was clutched in his hands.