Things to Do With Your Mum

by Kate Bradley
Give your mom a hug and an afternoon of fun.

Give your mom a hug and an afternoon of fun. Images

Whether you're still a kid or all grown up, spending quality time with your mum should stay at the top of your list of priorities. She can offer advice or an ear when you need to talk. Even if you don't share any interests, you can still have fun with your mother and enjoy spending time together.


Staying active together can help encourage both of you to lead a healthy life. Take your mom on a nature walk through the local park. Attend an aerobics, kickboxing or self-defense class. Join an adult softball league together. Set a goal, such as losing 15 pounds, and join a gym together. If you don't like to sweat, buy a yoga or Pilates DVD and make a weekly exercise date at her house. If she loves golf, play a walking round and you be the caddy.

Take a Staycation

Stay with your mum (or invite her to stay with you) for a week and explore your city. Park on Main Street and peruse the historic district. Visit every shop and talk to the owners about the shop's history. Eat out twice a day at locally owned restaurants. Take a guided tour of the area. Visit the library and read about the town's history, then give yourselves a tour of downtown. You could also stay in a local budget hotel and pretend to be out-of-towners. The management can give you tips on where to go and eat that you may have never experienced.

Share Hobbies

Take turns experiencing each other's favorite pastimes. If you love pro baseball, take your mum to a game and give her the whole hot-dog-and-beer experience. If she's crazy about the beach, take a road trip with her to the nearest one. Spend an evening listening to her favorite music from younger years or introducing her to new exotic dishes you've learned to cook. If you love to travel, tell her stories about where you've been and where you'd like to go. Ask her to tell you about what she enjoyed when you were growing up.


A relaxing time with your mum can be incredibly soothing. Visit a spa and get manicures together. Rent mindless comedy films, eat popcorn and have a movie night together. Order pizza and have a Scrabble marathon. You could simply sit together on the couch, reading magazines and listening to music. Go to a comedy club, enjoy cocktails and laugh together. Go window shopping and have dessert in a cafe afterward.

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