Things to Make for a Birthday Fairytale Theme

by Tricia Lobo

Give your kids a birthday party that they will remember for years to come. Fairytale party themes are extremely popular, particularly for girls' birthday parties, and as the adult in charge, you can help your kid have the coolest birthday party in school. Your creativity, time and dedication are the only limits to the wings of this party.

Fairytale Decorations

Arrange fairytale-themed decorations around the room. These include cardboard cutouts of swords, stars, jewels and dragons. Enlist the help of your child in coloring the decorations. Create dragon-shaped pinatas out of paper mache, or purchase appropriately-shaped pinatas, and hang them around the room. Finally, create or purchase fairytale-esque pictures and paintings and place them around the room.

Fairytale-Themed Cake

You can take a fairytale-themed cake in any number of directions. Borrow from Disney themes, creating a Tinkerbell-themed cake or a Goldilocks-themed cake, or make a cake with the more traditional figures, such as the knight in shining armor and the damsel in distress. Consider making a few different cakes -- for instance, make a dragon marble cake and a princess white cake.

Party Activities

Set up a relay race to entertain your party guests. Have each of your guests hop on one foot towards the finish line, at which you place a glass slipper. Reward the winner with candy. In addition, set up a station at which kids play pin the sword on the knight and reward the one who pins the sword most accurately with ice cream. Set up a game of connect-the-dots on the wall, and have the kids connect the dots to form the shape of a castle.

Party Favors and Wrap-Up

Assemble a goody bag for each guest. The goody bags should contain little silver stars, glass slippers, magic wands (which you can make with ribbons and stars) and gold-wrapped chocolate bars. Add anything else to the goody bags that seems appropriate. Post a sign on the door for your guests to see as they leave, which reads, "And they lived happily ever after."

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