Things to Make for Babies Out of Clothes Pins

by Rosalind Mohammed
Clothespins make useful and colorful hangers for photos.

Clothespins make useful and colorful hangers for photos. Images

The items chosen for a baby registry are meant to be essentials for the new addition to the family. These items can also be expensive. A budget-friendly, handmade gift that is also useful for the parents will be just as appreciated. Clothespins can be used in a variety of craft projects for the new baby and they can still be used in their traditional sense. These items will be functional and cute.

Photograph Display

An interesting and simple gift for the new baby is a photographic display for the nursery. Create or purchase a magnetic chalkboard and print some memorable photographs to display. Sand a bunch of clothespins lightly and then paint them in a variety of colors. Glue small disc magnets to one side of each clothespin and affix a photograph in each clip. Place the clothespins on the chalkboard and display in a prominent spot in the nursery. When the baby grows, the photographs can be displayed elsewhere and the chalkboard can be used for their own art, with the clothespin hangers holding their pictures and supplies such as a small bucket for the chalk.

Butterfly Mobile

Mobiles are a common nursery item, and a handmade one really adds a special touch to the room. Use a Styrofoam ring that is normally used for floral arrangement as the base. Attach different widths and colors of ribbon for the mobile to hang from and let these pieces flow downward past the ring at varied heights for increased visual interest. Wrap a bunch of clothespins in coordinating ribbon colors. Cut circles of brightly colored tissue paper in two sizes. Place the smaller one in front of a larger circle and scrunch them in the middle. Glue the scrunched area to the back of one clothespin to form wings of a butterfly. Repeat this until all hanging ribbons end in a butterfly.

Sorting Toy

Use a bunch of old-fashioned clothespins to create a fun and educational sorting toy for the little one. These pins are straight and do not have the spring, so little fingers will not get caught in them. Paint them in three bright colors such as blue, red and yellow. Paint three nesting cups in the same three colors. The clothespins can then be sorted by color, placed in their coordinating cup or counted. There are many ways to learn with a simple toy like this.

Clothespin Hangers

Baby clothes are small and adorable, and while they do not take up much space, they always take up more than expected. One lovely gift to create for the new baby is a clothes hanger. Use a plank of plywood, attach a piece of crown moulding or the top of a door frame to the top. Paint the entire piece a lovely color to match the nursery. Apply hot glue to the back of one clothespin and affix it on the plywood with the closed end facing downward. Hang more clothespins in the same manner at even spaces until the rack is full. The pins can be the same color or a coordinating one. The baby's clothes now have a fun place to be hung.

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