Things to Do at a Lingerie Shower

by Melissa Morang
Present the guest of honor with racy lingerie items.

Present the guest of honor with racy lingerie items.

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A lingerie shower is an interesting and entertaining twist to a bridal shower. If you're the host, you want everyone to have a wonderful time, especially the guest of honor. Thus, you may feel pressured to create the perfect party. The first thing you need to do is relax. There are many ways you can entertain your guests and create a festive atmosphere at your lingerie party.

Bra Fittings

Get out of the house for a while and treat guests to a bra fitting. Call clothing stores before the party to find one that does bra fittings. Meet at the store on the day of the shower. The store may close early so that the employees can focus on your group. Each guest will get a bra fitting, and the store may offer group discounts, so make sure everyone buys a bra.

Assign Sexy or Flirty Nicknames

Give each guest a sexy or flirty nickname. Make name badges before the party. Write names such as "Hot Babe" or "Sexy Mama" on pieces of paper. Each guest must pin the name on her shirt. Make a rule that each guest must be referred to by her assigned name for the evening. If a guest calls someone by her real name, she must pay a penalty, such as performing a lap dance.


Get in the party mood and model lingerie. Give each person a bag containing an item of lingerie and ask her try it on and show it off to the group. Alternatively, ask each person to bring the wackiest or ugliest pair of pajamas from home. Take pictures of everyone in the pajamas so that you can create a scrapbook for the guest of honor. You can also have a contest. Each person must stand in front of the group one at a time, and the group must vote for the ugliest or most goofy-looking pajamas. Don't forget to give prizes.

Play Games

You can't have a party without games. There are many games you can play, such as truth or dare. Pick one person to start. Ask her to choose truth or dare. If she chooses truth, decide on a question to ask her, and if she chooses dare, think of an interesting dare, such as dancing on the table and singing in lingerie. Alternatively, ask each guest to bring a pair of underwear from home. Display the underwear on a table. The guest of honor must choose the owner of each piece of underwear, and if she guesses correctly, she gets to keep the underwear or gets a prize.

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