Things to Do With Kids for New Year's in Indianapolis

by Monika Weise

New Year's Eve means party time and kids shouldn't be left out of the fun. Teens can generally find all-night locked-in events at local high schools, but you may not want your grade-school-aged kids to stay up all night. Give them a special time by taking advantage of the New Year's activities all over Indianapolis. Your kids can have a good time and maybe even learn something without knowing it.

Children's Museum of Indianapolis

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis offers a wealth of activities for children on New Year's Eve. Start with the Countdown to Noon, free with museum admission. This celebration includes activities, music and an exciting countdown that doesn't interfere with kids' bedtimes. In addition to the Countdown to Noon, find activities like sound and light shows, rock climbing, storytelling and "Dinosphere" fossils. Find current hours and admission prices on the museum's website. (See Resources.)

Indiana State Museum

The Indiana State Museum traditionally has a family-oriented party on New Year's Eve, featuring games, crafts and entertainers. Located in downtown Indianapolis, the museum is bordered by the White River State Park. Focusing on culture and science, the museum tells the story of Indiana history with various exhibits. Check the museum's website for current information about upcoming events. (See Resources.)

Indiana World Skating Academy

Take your kids skating at Indiana World Skating Academy, where they can show off their skating skills on an Olympic-sized rink. Public skating is offered on New Year's Eve in specific time slots throughout the day and evening. If you would like to have a private party on New Year's Eve, check the academy's website (see Resources) for available time slots The rink is located in Indianapolis's Pan Am Plaza. Skate rental is available.

Indianapolis Museum of Art

For a low-key daytime outing on New Year's Eve, try the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The museum does not charge an admission fee, although donations are appreciated. Free 30-minute family tours are also offered, so you don't have to spend a lot of money for your kids to have a good time. Many children enjoy the Davis Lab, which combines science and art. Complimentary strollers are available for the wee ones, so they can celebrate New Year's Eve as well. Even leashed dogs are welcome on the grounds.

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