Things for Kids to Do in Fishers, Indiana

by June Farquhar

The town of Fishers, Indiana, offers interesting activities for children of all ages. Whether you're looking for a day out in Fishers, a summer camp or team sports, you can find it in this suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana's state capital. Fishers is located about 15 minutes north of Indianapolis.

Summer Camps

Fishers Parks and Recreation Department offers several camps that focus on the interests of the area's children. The department uses its 300 acres of land for several programs: The Adventure Club (for kids 7- to 9-years-old), Budding Naturalists (for kids 9 to 11), Camp Funshine (for kids 10 to 12), Kids Zone (for kids 5 to 6), and Little Tykes (for kids 3 to 4). The Adventure Club offers games, sports and a safari; Budding Naturalist features investigations and experimentation; Camp Funshine focuses on crafts, storytimes and playground fun; Kids Zone and Little Tykes focus on activities for much younger children.

Educational Fun

Kids in Fishers love to visit Conner Prairie, a big attraction even for those visiting nearby Indianapolis. Prairie Conner is a living history museum named for the original settlers, and it represents life in the 1800s. Many school children in the Fishers area have visited the museum with their classes or scout troops, but this is a must see when out-of-town family comes for a stay. Actors at the museum dress in 19th century clothing and perform tasks such as candle-making and sewing. Guests also are given opportunities for interactive experiences.

Billericay Park Activities

The Fishers Parks and Recreation Department offers children a place to play in the water at the Billericay Park Splash Pad. The park offers many other activities as well, including a baseball field, playground, almost two miles of multi-use trails, picnic areas and shelters for sudden storms. It also features a community building that can be rented for birthday parties and other gatherings.

Organized Sports

For parents coming to spend the summer, or residents looking for something exciting for their kids to do throughout the year, Southeastern Program of Recreational Team Sports -- or S.P.O.R.T.S. -- offers a lot of activities. S.P.O.R.T.S. is a private, nonprofit group that provides team sports like baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, cheerleading, track, soccer and other sports for boys and girls. It publishes a newsletter twice a year and monthly email service to keep residents informed of upcoming activities and signup times.

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