Things to Do in Holyoke, Massachusetts

by Nick Mann

Holyoke, Massachusetts, is along the Connecticut River Valley in western Massachusetts. Many people travel to this area to get a taste of traditional New England charm. Holyoke is the birthplace of volleyball, and the Volleyball Hall of Fame is there. Visitors can find other attractions, too.


Holyoke, Massachusetts, is great for tourists who enjoy nature. One of the best places to visit is Mount Tom State Reservation (, situated along the Metacomet Ridge Mountains. These mountains extend from Connecticut through Massachusetts, all the way to southern Vermont. Mount Tom State Reservation offers plenty of trails to accommodate both hikers and bike riders. The reservation includes Lake Bray, perfect if you like fishing or canoeing.


If you like science, check out Dinosaur Footprints Park ( This nature reserve features Jurassic-period dinosaur fossils nearly 200 million years old. Visiting Dinosaur Footprints Park lets visitors get up close to footprints from creatures such as Tyrannosaurus Rex. The park along Route 5 is open from early April until late November.

Volleyball Hall of Fame

Sports fans will want to visit the Volleyball Hall of Fame ( In 1895, William G. Morgan invented volleyball at Holyoke's YMCA. At the Hall of Fame, visitors can take a look at game memorabilia.

Wistariahurst Museum

The Wistariahurst Museum focuses on the history and culture of Holyoke. Built in 1874, this museum was initially the home of William Skinner, well known in the silk industry of that time. Visiting the Wistariahurst offers a feel for classic New England architecture and a chance to learn about Holyoke history. The museum often is the site of concerts and lectures.

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