Things to Do in Gun Barrel City, Texas

by Christopher John

On State Highway 334, nestled on the eastern shore of Texas' Cedar Creek Reservoir southeast of Dallas, you'll find Gun Barrel City, in Henderson County. Cedar Creek Reservoir is commonly known as Cedar Creek Lake to locals. Named after a road originally called Gun Barrel Lane, probably because of how straight it is, Gun Barrel City offers visitors and residents alike various water-based activities, as well as other opportunities.

Water Skiing

Not only is the 32,873-acre Cedar Creek Lake a valuable resource for Gun Barrel City residents, with many residents having built their homes on the waterfront, it's also a recreational haven for residents and visitors alike. With a length of 18 miles and a width 8.5 miles across at its widest area, the lake offers enough space for water sport lovers to enjoy both jet skiing and water skiing.


Cedar Creek Lake also affords you the opportunity to slow the action down a bit, compared to water skiing, and enjoy the more peaceful activity of fishing in the lake's waters. Species such as walleye and shad have been stocked in the lake in the past, but now there are several species of fish most commonly found in the lake. The lake has largemouth bass, with a 14.65 lb. specimen the largest on record caught in the lake. You will also find both white bass and hybrid striped bass. There's also catfish, with more blues than channel and flathead. Crappie are also stocked in the lake.


Gun Barrel City offers the privately operated Big Chief Landing and Sandy Shores Marina, for those who want public boat access to Cedar Creek Lake. Both are open year round, and each has a $3 fee. The boat ramp at Big Chief Landing has parking space for 15 vehicles, while the one at Sandy Shores Marina has space for up to 50 vehicles. If you don't bring your own boat, you can rent one from the facility.

RVs and Outdoor Activities

Adding to activities based around the lake, Sandy Shores Marina and Big Chief Landing offer land-based opportunities. Sandy Shores has parking space for RVs. Gun Barrel City's Lakeridge RV Park also offers a spacious, full-service RV park in a country setting. Big Chief Landing also has a full service motel and recreation area with picnic tables and volleyball courts.

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