Things to Do As a Group for a Surprise Party

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Give the gift of

Give the gift of "surprise" to a special friend.

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Surprising a friend on her birthday with a much-wanted gift or a decadent meal makes the birthday girl -- and you -- feel good. However, there's nothing quite like "a group" surprise, when many people gather in honor of the birthday guest without her knowing. Whether the meeting is at home or in a public place, pulling off a group birthday surprise takes precise planning and several savvy secret keepers.


Sometimes the easiest surprises to pull off are the ones that are only half a surprise. Arrange to pick up a friend at her house so the two of you can go to dinner. When she walks to your "car" parked outside, she sees a limousine. After she opens the door, she is surprised as 10 of her closest friends are waiting to celebrate her special night. Have the limousine bar ready with ice, glasses and champagne so that a proper toast can be made on the way to the restaurant.

This Is Your Life

Tell your dad you are taking he and your mom out for his birthday. A month in advance, have him choose the restaurant. Making the venue his choice helps quell any suspicions of a surprise party. Try to book a private room or area of the restaurant. Along with the regular guests, choose a few key players to help make the surprise extra special. If there is an out-of-town relative flying in, have him dress in a waiter outfit and pretend to take orders. If it's been years since your dad has seen an old college buddy, he'll be shocked as his friend walks in dressed in the school's colors and offers your dad a beer. Continue as many "people" surprises as you can throughout the evening.

House Party

If the person you want to surprise always seems to be in some kind of predicament (everyone has at least one of these types of friends), throw a surprise party featuring his "stories." Each guest chooses his favorite past situation from the birthday boy, and then dresses as if they were in that scenario. Remember the night your friend was so engrossed in conversation with a girl that he walked into a sliding glass door and broke his nose? Fake blood and bandages are all you need to refresh his memory! This kind of surprise birthday party is a hilarious way to connect with guests, ensure laughs and enjoy all-night story telling.

Trickle-in Surprise

Surprise the birthday girl at a theater or sporting event. Purchase a row or section of seats before hand and make sure everyone keeps quiet about their own plans for that evening. Get to the venue early and sit down. As each friend or couple finds the seats, the birthday gal is elated knowing that she is surrounded by her friends on a special night.

Make a Video

Have friends and family members get together in advance of the surprise party and make a video. Each person can talk about a funny time spent with the birthday boy, a special moment shared or simply the attributes that he likes best in his friend. Surprise the guest of honor with this video the night of the party. Ask everyone to gather around the television and have the birthday boy sit in the middle.

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