Things to Do Close to Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania

by William Jensen
Many people come to Shawnee on Delaware to ski.

Many people come to Shawnee on Delaware to ski.

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Shawnee on Delaware, Pennsylvania, is a mountainous resort area around the Delaware River. It offers many things to do, ranging from snow tubing to receiving a Swedish massage. Some activities are seasonal or only occur on special occasions whereas others remain possible year-round. Regardless of your interests, you will probably find something enjoyable to do in Shawnee on Delaware.


During the winter, Shawnee on Delaware becomes an attractive skiing destination, thanks to its mountainous terrain and climate. The Shawnee Mountain Ski Area ( website indicates that it offers 23 trails and slopes, with sections for skiers ranging from beginners to experts. It operates from December through most or all of March. It also features a snow tubing area, a ski shop and multiple restaurants.


If you're looking for things to do after a day on the ski slopes, getting a massage is one desirable option available close to Shawnee on Delaware. The Wellspring Holistic Center ( in nearby East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, advertises several kinds of massage services on its website, including Thai, Swedish, prenatal and deep tissue. The holistic center offers other health-related services as well, such as yoga courses, acupuncture and various types of therapy.


The Shawnee Mountain Ski Area holds a variety of festivals and other events throughout year; each event offers many different things for visitors to do. They include a Celtic festival in late May, fireworks in early July, a garlic festival in September and a timber festival in October. The ski area also holds a chili cook-off and rodeo in late September and a wurst festival in mid-July, complete with beer, kielbasa and polka. The Shawnee Inn ( in Shawnee on Delaware plans to hold various events during 2011 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its establishment. They include the "Murder at the Shawnee Inn" in November and various holiday-oriented celebrations in December, according to The Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort.


The above-mentioned resort operates a course on Shawnee Island in the Delaware River, according to its website. In addition to individual golfing activities, the course holds tournaments during the year. Golfers may eat or stay overnight at the nearby inn, which allows vacationing golfers to get everything they need close to the course. The resort also has a store that sells golfing items.

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