Things to Do for Children Near Salem, NH

by Brianna Collins
Salem's amusement park features rides for both kids and adults.

Salem's amusement park features rides for both kids and adults.

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A small New Hampshire town located about 40 minutes from Boston, Salem features many different entertainment options within the town limits. For families with children, there are certain attractions particularly suited to kids, including recreational opportunities, natural wonders, an entertainment complex, and even an amusement park.


Salem's website boasts of the town's "unspoiled natural resources," making it an ideal place to simply go for a stroll. For kids who like the water, the town also features two different canoe launches: one behind Garabedian Drive and another near the bridge on Town Farm Road. Parents who want to foster an appreciation for local produce while enjoying the outdoors should also consider visiting Salem's farmer's market, where kids can help pick out local fruits and vegetables on any Sunday, spring through fall.

America's Stonehenge

Those looking to show kids an experience unique to Salem should consider America's Stonehenge ( This series of man-made stone structures is touted by the Stonehenge company as one of America's architectural mysteries. Visitors to this site hike through the forest on self-guided tours to take a look at the many ancient structures. Additionally, the park is home to eight different alpacas, which might excite young animal lovers.

Victorian Park

Another popular destination for families with kids is Victorian Park (, an entertainment complex that offers mini-golf, an arcade, ice cream, and the opportunity to participate in an activity the park dubs "Water Wars." At an outdoor section of the complex, family and friends can face off in a giant water balloon fight, complete with two different caged enclosures equipped with balloon launchers. Victorian Park also hosts birthday parties and other events.

Canobie Lake Park

For more daring kids, Canobie Lake Park ( is a good option in Salem. This amusement park is open all week during the summer, and features multiple roller coasters in addition to other thrilling rides. Younger children might enjoy some of the park's traditional family and kiddie rides. Canobie Lake also includes water slides that provide relief during the sticky summer months. Beyond just rides, the park features midway games, carnival foods and live entertainment.

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