Things to Do at a Bowling Party

by Cindy Dauer
Make your next bowling party memorable.

Make your next bowling party memorable.

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Take your bowling party to the next level by planning games and activities for your guests. Try putting a twist on the traditional game of bowling, offer bowling-themed refreshments and create a cosmic atmosphere to shake up your event. Whether your party is for children or adults, there are many activities you can plan that will make it memorable.

Funky Bowl

Change up the frames with funky bowling. Along with using your regular form, try bowling backward, with your right hand, left hand, in slow motion, while walking an imaginary tight rope or making a prediction before each toss. Funky bowling will keep your guests on their toes.

Eat Bowling Ball Cake

Transform your circular cake into a bowling ball with black frosting and three candy finger holes, or go another route with a square cake and frost a bowling lane on top. Get bowling pin candles and other miniature bowling props for embellishment. You can serve pieces of cake between frames.

Bowling Bingo

Make bingo cards with bowling scores and bring along bingo markers. Include scores like strike, spare, split, gutter and one through ten and a free space. When someone from your party bowls, guests can use their score to mark their bingo cards. You can play regular bingo, four corners or blackout. Compete as individuals, teams, boys versus girls or adults versus kids.

Cosmic Bowling

Some bowling alleys offer cosmic bowling. This type of bowling is done with the regular lights turned down and the black lights turned up, making the alley aglow with a florescent aura and strobe lights. You can talk to your local alley manager to get special use of the cosmic bowling lights for your party.

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