Things to Do at a Boring Party

by Krystal Miller
Spice up a boring party with exciting activities that will get everyone involved.

Spice up a boring party with exciting activities that will get everyone involved.

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Add some excitement to any type of party with a few activities. Suggest playing games, doing crafts or making skits using a variety of props to bring life back to any boring party. If you are not the party host, you can ask the host for permission to entertain the guests and get them involved in the party with activities.

Easy Ideas

Break the ice at a boring party and get the guests mingling with a few icebreaker activities. Ask everyone to sit in a circle. You start the icebreaker by stating two truths and a lie about yourself. The other guests must try to guess the lie. This will loosen party guests up and give everyone a chance to get to know one another. Each player will continue doing this until everyone has a turn. For another icebreaker, tape an index card to the back of each party guest and give him a pencil. Guests must go around the room talking to one another and writing one compliment on each guest's index card. Each guest should have a list of compliments when the icebreaker is over. This activity will loosen the party guests up and build their self-confidence.

Crafts and Puzzles

Depending on the age of the party guests, you can gather supplies for the guests to make their own crafts. For children, find crayons and markers for the children to color in coloring books. If the host has the supplies, guests can use cardboard boxes, construction paper, markers and crayons to build crafts. Older children and adults can enjoy word searches, crossword puzzles, connect-the-dot puzzles and real puzzles.


Shake up a boring party with entertaining skits. Divide the guests into groups of three or four players. Give each team a bag containing 10 random items, such as an apple, a key, pair of handcuffs, a wig and a fancy dress. The teams have 20 minutes to come up with a skit using each one of the items in their team bag. Alternatively, assign each team a theme such as comedy, drama or action. Another idea is to give each team one random item and have them make a commercial using that item.


Play a variety of games at any boring party with supplies the host may already have. For example, use balloons to play a game of keep away or see who can keep the most balloons in the air before one hits the ground. Other games include outdoor relay races like a sack race or egg and spoon race. For an egg and spoon race, guests must see who can carry an egg on a spoon the fastest without dropping it. For children, games such as hide and seek, tag and capture the flag are always a hit.

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