Things to Do for an 11-Year-Old Girl's Party

by Alyssa Ideboen
Create a spa sleepover party for your preteen.

Create a spa sleepover party for your preteen.

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Planning a party for a preteen girl is not always easy. Not a child anymore but not quite a teenager, many tween girls look to be recognized as a more "grown-up" person. For this reason, tea parties with teddy bears may no longer be the ideal activity for a party. To entertain an 11-year-old girl and her friends, focus on activities or themes that will make them feel special but still provide some fun.

Ice-skating Party

No matter the time of year, ice-skating holds a powerful attraction to people of all ages. Preteen girls will especially enjoy the chance to practice their pirouettes on the rink. Look for a local indoor rink and set up a reservation for a party. Some places offer a party room to enjoy beverages or snacks after working up an appetite skating to popular music tunes. Bring along some hot cocoa as a sweet treat for after the skating workout.

Music Video Party

If your preteen loves music and dancing, center a party around creating a music video. Ask partygoers to dress in costume or bring their favorite dress-up clothes. Set up a video camera and pick out a few favorite songs. Allow the kids to make props, rearranging furniture if necessary to set the stage for the video. When they are ready, hit play on the music player, start the video recorder and watch the action unfold as preteens lip-synch and dance to a favorite tune.

Spa Party

Perfect for nighttime hangouts, a spa activity might be just the thing to bring a movie fest to a close. Set up a buffet of goodies with packets of mud masks, nail polish and nail care tools, bows, barrettes or even a bottle or two of temporary hair dye for some primping fun. You may have to sacrifice a bathroom for an evening, but the giggles and the beauty experiments will be worth it. Take before and after photos to compare the difference in the beauty treatments.

Fashion Design Party

For girls who love clothes, creating an activity where fashion design takes front and center might be a dream come true. Ask each party guest to bring a white piece of clothing such as a T-shirt or simple skirt. Turn your kitchen into a design station where kids can create their own designs with fabric dye, markers and jewels. Make sure each child is wearing plastic gloves and is covered in protective clothing. Cover the work area with plastic sheeting to avoid staining surfaces with fabric dye.

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