Is There DSL in Evart, Michigan?

by Kathleen Murphy

Evart, Michigan may be tiny, but limited DSL Internet service is available. The village's estimated 1,700 residents have access to DSL through their cable, satellite or phone service providers. Costs vary along with technology, so residents need to be careful and watch for hidden costs. Be aware that some of the best rates are introductory and will expire after a limited about of time.


AT&T; is the only major phone carrier that provides DSL service in Evart. Prices and speeds vary. AT&T; offers high-speed DSL in packages ranging from 768K to 6.0 Mbps to Evart residents. The packages offer security features like parental controls and spam blockers. You may save money by bundling your DSL service with phone and satellite service.


Iserv offers packages with speeds up to 1.5 Mb. Iserv is based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and offers DSL services to both business and residential locations. Costs may be higher if you don't have a home phone line already installed, and promotional packages are available. All packages feature unlimited monthly access and spam protection.

TV and the 'Net

AT&T; partners with satellite television providers to offer cost-saving bundles for DSL, phone and Internet. Major satellite providers DirectTV and Dish Network offer service in Evart. Ask about including DSL service with your television service. There may be bundling cost deals or special offers in the area, especially for new customers. Prices will vary based on the speed and the level of service.

Other Broadband Options

HughesNet offers high-speed satellite Internet services in varying speeds and cost packages to Evart residents. Charter Communications offers cable broadband in Evart through their Internet Express package, with advertised download speeds of up to 12 Mbps. Charter Communications also offers bundled services including Internet, phone and cable television.

About the Author

Kathleen Murphy is a freelance journalist living in Southeastern Michigan. Her career as an editor and reporter has been at weekly newspapers across the region since 1991. Murphy is a graduate of Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science.