Theme Party Ideas for Twins Turning Two

by Ruth O'Neil

Many families that have twins know that the twins either want everything to be exactly the same or completely different. Each set of twins is different. For these reasons it can sometimes be difficult to plan a party for twins who are turning two years old. Their different tastes are starting to emerge and you want both of them to feel special on their birthday.


Have a color themed birthday party. Assign one color to one child and another color to the other twin. Dress them in clothing that represents their particular color. This can be as simple as a t-shirt in their color. Decorate the house in these particular colors. Set up one place at the table of each color. Opposite ends of the table work well to separate the colors. Bake two smaller cakes instead of one large one and decorate them using frosting and candies in their chosen colors. When sending out the invitations, ask guests to wrap the presents in each child's color. This will help the twins know which presents belong to which twin.

Superheroes and Princesses

Depending on the sex of your twins, plan a superhero or princess party. To make the event more festive, have the birthday twins dress up in their favorite princess or superhero costume. Ask the guests to dress up as well, if desired. Carry the superhero theme throughout the party by playing games where the kids need to wear a cape and see how fast they can run. Little princesses can twirl around in their dresses when playing a relay race.

Unisex Themes

Choose a unisex theme if your twins are a boy and a girl. One theme could be all about crayons. For one game, kids can guess how many crayons are in a box. Have a coloring activity and send the kids home with a small box of crayons and a coloring book instead of candy. Bugs is another unisex theme idea, just make sure your little girl is not scared of bugs. Decorate the cakes with bug candy. Have a game where the kids guess how many bugs are in a jar. Give out bug catching equipment and see how many bugs they can catch.

Couples Characters

Choose male and female characters that just go together for your twins, especially if you have a boy and girl. Characters can include Mickey and Minnie, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Dora and Diego and Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Suess. Dress your kids up and invite the guests to dress up as the friends of the characters.