Theme Party Ideas for a Church Meeting

by Carolyn Scheidies
Commemorate Christ with a white candle tied with red ribbon for his sacrifice.

Commemorate Christ with a white candle tied with red ribbon for his sacrifice.

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Church members meet to deal with the business of the church and in worship services. You can turn a regular church meeting into a special party with a theme. Instead of dealing just with the subject at hand, create a party atmosphere that draws people to hear the message you wish to convey, whether the party serves a serious purpose or simply provides fun social interaction for the congregation.

Celebrate the Reason

Create a party around the reason church exists --- God. Create centerpieces with a white pillar candle to represent Christ. Wrap a red ribbon around the candle for his sacrifice and surround it with greenery for growing in faith. Use John 3:16, the verse that summarizes the gospel, in picture frames. Alternate the John 3:16 picture frames with white crosses cut from Styrofoam down the center of the table. Use the verse John 3:16 on a banner with the heading, "His Banner Over Us Is Love." Add hearts to the banner. Use hearts on plates and napkins, and add hearts to centerpieces. Have those attending see who can find the most Bible verses on love in a set amount of time.

Focus on Families

Plan a family themed party for a church meeting. Decorate with pictures of church families worshiping, working and playing together. Before the church meeting party, have Sunday School children draw pictures of their families to use as decorations. You might make this a contest based on different ages and other criteria. Include verses about Jesus loving children, marriage and love throughout the decoration scheme. Showcase the musical or other talents of individuals and families with a talent night. Ask those planning to present their talents to sign up ahead of time. Provide the supplies for banana splits and let everyone fix their own. You could even have contests for the largest banana split, most interesting banana split and first finisher.

Reaching Out

Make the theme of the church meeting party "Reaching Out a Helping Hand." Decorate with posters from different local, national and international organizations and mission groups that serve others and provide opportunities for service. Include speakers from different organizations. If focusing on missions, serve native foods and show items from the mission field. Make the party a fundraiser for a particular mission, missionary family or disaster relief. Use the church meeting party to recruit for a group to assist in disaster clean up or where other assistance is needed.


Make the church meeting a surprise party for the pastor, a church leader or a church couple. Decorate the meeting room with balloons and decorations pertaining to the particular theme of the surprise party. The party theme might focus on a special birthday, a baby or wedding shower, years of service, an anniversary or a recent honor. Set the meeting for the usual time, but give one person the task to making sure the people being honored are late so everyone else can arrive before those for whom you're throwing the surprise party.

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