Theme Party Color Ideas for the Big 30

by Carolyn Scheidies
Plan a big 30 birthday around the colors of a favorite sports team.

Plan a big 30 birthday around the colors of a favorite sports team.

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Time to celebrate hitting the big 30. Whether you're throwing the birthday bash for yourself or for a friend or family member, consider the celebrant's likes and dislikes along with her favorite colors and themes. Coordinate the chosen theme into a color scheme for a birthday banner, plates, napkins and utensils as well as the balloons that fill the room.

Favorite Colors

Start with your favorite colors, whether they go together or not. The birthday celebrant may like purple and black, mint green and pink, or even garish orange and red. Use these colors in all the party decorations. Serve food and drink in dishes and cups that use your chosen color combination. Since the big 30 celebrates 30 years of life, invite guests to wear clothing in the style and colors popular 30 years earlier. Play board games popular at the time or games you enjoyed playing as a child. Also play music from that era.

School Colors

Every school the celebrant attended has its own specific colors. Choose high school or college colors and plan the 30th birthday party around those colors. Invite guests to wear school colors, logos and shirts, and bring school memorabilia, especially if the guests attended the same school. Bring in a group to perform music to which you danced to back then. Add foods that the birthday celebrant preferred at the time, such as pizza and hot dogs. Put together a list of questions about the school and the time you attended, then see who scores the most correct answers.

Sports Colors

Maybe the individual celebrating the big 30 is a sports fan and continues to follow school or pro sports. Use this interest as the theme for the birthday party. Incorporate sports team colors and logos into the birthday theme. For example, if the birthday boy played for or follows the Nebraska Cornhuskers, decorate with red and white and the big "N. Ask guests to give gifts with a tie-in to his favored sports team. These might include key chains, T-shirts or even tickets to a game. If the sports team has a game close to where you're planning the birthday party, have everyone wear team colors and attend the game as a group with a separate celebration later.

Patriot Colors

If the person celebrating the big 30 is active politically, works for, or holds a political office, use a patriot theme with red, white and blue colors. Have the birthday recipient wear an Uncle Sam top hat in patriotic colors and decorate it with American flags, then provide each guest with a small American flag. Also decorate with copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble of the United States Constitution, as well as pictures or quotes from prominent Americans. The party celebrates a major birthday milestone so advise quests the party is about fun, not politics. As guests arrive, place signs on their backs with the name of an important American in politics, government or military service from the past or present. They must ask yes or no questions of other guests to discover their identity.

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