Theme Ideas for How to Make a Splash Party

by Sarah Freeman
Make a splash by hosting water games at your party.

Make a splash by hosting water games at your party.

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If you really want your party to make a splash, you'll need to create a theme that has to do with water. Help friends and family members beat the heat by hosting a party that involves actual water activities, or make guests feel like they've escaped to shore or under the sea itself. Whatever theme you choose, bring it to life with decorations, games and foods to really make the bash splash.

Under the Sea

Help guests feel like they've splashed into the ocean with an under-the-sea-themed party. This party can be held anywhere, from a living room to large banquet hall. Decorate the ceiling with blue streamers to make guests feel like they're looking up at the ocean's surface. Hang fish cutouts around the room to add to this effect. Use fishing nets as tablecloths and decorate them with seashells. For food, serve seafood such as sushi or tuna sandwiches. To further add to the theme, play ocean sounds, such as whale calls or water bubbling, in the background.

Pool Party

Let every guest make a splash by hosting a pool-themed party. If you have a pool, your backyard will be the perfect venue for the occasion. Otherwise, reserve a time at a community pool. Host cannonball contests to measure who can make the biggest splash. Buy a few dozen plain white towels and fabric paints and allow guests to customize their own beach towels. Barbecue some hot dogs and hamburgers to complete this relaxed pool party theme.

Wet 'n' Wild

Host a wet 'n' wild-themed party filled with plenty of water toys and games that will help every guest literally make a splash. Hold the party in an open area, such as at a park or in a big backyard. Buy an array of squirt guns and have them loaded with water. Also, fill up a few tubs with water balloons. Invite guests to make their own games with the water toys, or arrange a few games for them to play. A water balloon toss calls on guests to team up in pairs and toss a water balloon back and forth, taking a step back with each throw. Whichever team throws its balloon the farthest without it popping wins.


Re-create the splashing of waves on the shore by hosting a beach-themed party. Choose any venue for this party, including your home, backyard or a park. Set the mood by playing surf-inspired tunes, such as those by the Beach Boys. Buy a few kiddie pools, and fill one with water for the younger guests to splash in. Fill another plastic pool with sand and host a sandcastle building contest. Blow up a few beach balls for partiers to toss around, too.

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