Texting Games for a Birthday Party

by Kyra Sheahan
Play texting games at your next birthday party.

Play texting games at your next birthday party.

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You do not need board games for your upcoming birthday party as long as your guests bring along their cell phones. Texting games are entertaining to play in party groups, but you need to first be sure that the players in the game have texting capabilities and appropriate text messaging plans on their phones.

Hide and Seek

This version of hide and seek involves text messaging a picture of yourself to the rest of the players at the party. To play texting hide and seek, the birthday girl leaves the group and the players close their eyes while she hides somewhere inside the house or the yard. She then takes a picture of a clue in her environment with her camera phone. The picture is text messaged to the other players and they use the clue and search for her in that spot. If they are wrong, they try again.

Guess the Song

For a birthday party game, sit everyone down and tell them to get their phones ready. The host plays the intro to a song and the players have to text message the name of the song to the host. The player whose text message is received first gets a point. At the end of the game the player with the most points wins.

Alphabet Game

The alphabet game involves players coming up with a word that begins with a letter of the alphabet in order from A to Z. The birthday person text messages the first word to the person sitting to his right. Then that person text messages the next word to the next person, and so on. Select an age-appropriate theme for your game. For a little kid's birthday party, the alphabet game's theme could be animals. The first person names an animal that starts with the letter A, such as antelope. The second person names an animal that starts with the letter B, and so on. For an adult party version of the alphabet game, play an alcoholic beverage name game, such as Bloody Mary for B and Cosmopolitan for C.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are entertaining birthday party games for children and adults. Divide guests into at least two teams. The host of the game texts each team leader one object to find for the scavenger hunt. Once the team locates the item she takes a picture of it with her camera phone and text messages the image to the host. The host texts back with the next object to find. The team that finds all of the items on the scavenger hunt list first wins the game.

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