Testimonial Party Ideas

by Leslie Renico
Testimonial parties celebrate a lifetime's worth of achievements.

Testimonial parties celebrate a lifetime's worth of achievements.

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Whether you're celebrating a cherished grandparent's 80th birthday or celebrating the retirement of an employee with 40 years of service to your company, having a testimonial party is not only an appropriate way to honor that person's profound influence on your organization, but also an event that will create memories for the rest of your honoree's lifetime. A testimonial party honors your guest by allowing friends and family to speak about his accomplishments.

Mystery Guests

When you schedule a testimonial party in honor of an employee or family member, invite some mystery guests from that person's past to come and speak. Childhood friends, former mentors or teachers, close friends from college and former supervisors would all be appropriate. You can have the honoree seated away from the podium so that he can't see the next speaker until the speaker begins talking. These speakers will offer testimonials as to the great accomplishments the honoree has made.

Lavish Gifts

If your church has had the same pastor for 20 or 25 years, or if your parents are celebrating a 40th anniversary, part of their testimonial party could include the presentation of a gift from church members, all guests or family members. A recreational vehicle for your parents to tour America could be a memorable choice, as could a golf membership at a country club for your retiring pastor. This would be a dramatic testimonial to the great work that bolstered a long, powerful career.


During the dinner portion of your testimonial party, before speakers come to the stage, you can have a slideshow of pictures of your honoree(s) at different points in life or tenure with your organization. Playing songs from different time periods, or songs that are your honoree's favorites, during this slideshow will make it even more special for the honoree and guests.

Party Favors

Burn a CD with the pictures that you played on the slideshow and make a copy for each guest. When you design the CD label, include the person's name, the date of the testimonial party and the occasion. Other favors could include plastic champagne flutes embossed with information about the occasion. This atmosphere will prepare your guests for the celebratory speeches to follow.

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