Terminology to Use on a Casino Party Invitation

by Chris Brower
Casino terminology can make your casino party invitations fun.

Casino terminology can make your casino party invitations fun.

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A casino party deserves a great invitation. A casino party can be a way to get a group of adults together for fun casino games. For a successful invitation, there are a few terms you can use to get everyone excited and quick to give a RSVP. These terms relate to gambling and casinos and can get everyone in the spirit for fun and games.


The main point of gambling is to make money. Thus, a casino party involves money, which can be a way to entice people to attend. However, simply saying "money" on your invitation can be boring. Instead, use other words for money, such as "cash" or "bucks," which carry more emotion and fun. Throw in "Cha-ching!" as well to add even more fun to your invitation. "Cha-ching" evokes not only money, but winning. Potential guests want to think that they'll not only have fun, but might also walk away with their pockets overflowing with cash.

The Odds

A lot of casino games involve luck, whether it's getting the right card or your opponent making a mistake that works in your favor. That's why using "luck" on your invitation, such as "Try your luck" or "This just might be your lucky day" can serve as motivation for people to attend. It can add to the exciting, hopeful atmosphere of a casino party. Some other wording options include "Test your luck" or "What are the odds?" which relates to the odds of winning a game or not. "Roll the dice" is another short phrase that evokes similar feelings of taking a chance and going for it. You want your invitation to encourage your guests to take a chance, and playing on the theme of "Test your luck" can do just that.

Coming Prepared

You want your guests to be in the winning mindset before they come to your party. This will help get them excited for your casino night and ready to play. Luckily, there is some casino terminology that relates to this. For example, in poker, a "full hand" is a good hand. Thus, adding this phrase to the invitation, such as in "Bring your full hand" can add fun and excitement to the card. While people can't bring their own full hand of cards to the party, it's similar to saying, "Bring your good luck" or "Bring your best game," which can get people excited for the games about to happen.

Playing with Confidence

You not only want your guests to be excited to play, but also to have some confidence in their chances of winning. If they're confident, they're more likely to attend the party and stay the whole time. In poker, going "all in" is a sign of confidence. A player is going "all in" when she bets all her chips on a hand. It demonstrates she is confident, either that she has a winning hand or that the other players will buy into her trick and will fold. So, inviting your guests to "go all in at our poker party" is another way of saying, "Come and have a great time at our poker party." It will encourage your guests to cut loose, have fun and play the whole time.

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