Tennis Party Ideas

by Hallie Engel

Whether it's to celebrate Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, or just for love of the game, a tennis-themed party is a way to have fun with fellow fans and friends. The theme can be complemented by the right decorations, tennis-inspired treats and sweets, and of course, a few games to get everyone in a competitive spirit.

Tennis Court Tabletop

Turn a regular table into a tennis court before covering it with food and drinks, with an idea from Women's Tennis World. Using a square or rectangular table to mimic the shape of a court, cover it with a bright green tablecloth or substitute wrapping or construction paper. Next, take a roll of white masking tape and place it across the center of the table, dividing it like the two halves of a tennis court, before adding the other lines.

Tennis Cake

Bake a cake with a sporty tennis team and make it the centerpiece of the party. The Tennis Affinity website offers basic directions for creating a racquet-shaped cake using two round cake pans. Simply bake the cakes and then trim and carve them using the Tennis Affinity template, creating a long section for the handle by cutting one of the cakes into horizontal slices. Frost as desired, using separate colors for the frame of the racquet and the strings.

Tennis Trivia

Stage a tennis trivia match to get guests in a competitive mood, and award a few prizes to the top scorers. Divide players into teams, or have them compete one-on-one as desired, assigning one person to host the game and another to keep score. Divide the questions into categories, or keep them random, assigning points based on difficulty level. Keep a few extra tough questions aside for bonus rounds, or in the event of "sudden death," a final question.

Tennis Games

Entertain guests with a selection of tennis-themed party games. Play root-beer pong by challenging guests to knock ping-pong balls into cups of soda arranged on a table. For adult guests, substitute soda with beer, if desired. Take an empty tennis ball canister, fill it with candies and have guests estimate how many sweets it contains, awarding it to the best guesser. Purchase a tennis-ball-shaped pinata, fill it with candy and let guests break it apart using an old racquet.

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