Teenage Homemade Halloween Decorations

by Christi Aldridge
Teenagers can help decorate pumpkins for Halloween.

Teenagers can help decorate pumpkins for Halloween.

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Enlist teenagers to help craft some simple but fun Halloween decorations. Use them to decorate for a party, school carnival, church event or just add some spookiness to your home. These projects are easy for kids of all ages and the materials are readily available. Have a contest to see who can make the most creative pumpkin or coolest ghost to give the teenagers some motivation to come up with the most creepy craft.

Flying Ghosts

Teens can put hot air to use by blowing up some white latex balloons. Add some clear fishing line as a balloon string, and thread a needle onto the end of the line. Pull a piece of gauzy fabric such as tulle or something else sheer down the fishing line and let it drape itself over the balloon to create a floating ghost. Tape the balloon to the ceiling. Alternately, the ghost can be made using white plastic bags or a white trash bag over the balloon or taped to it.

Creepy Jars

Have teens bring every empty glass jar they can get their hands on. Jars of all sizes are perfect for this craft. Teens will make terrariums out of the cleaned and dried jars. Use a hot glue gun to glue a tree branch to the inside of the jar's lid, so it sticks up into the jar. Then, glue objects to the branch such as an artificial crow or fake insects. Another idea is to put doll parts under the jars, such as heads or arms and legs. These jars can be displayed around the house or used to decorate for a party.

Sparkly Pumpkins

Teenage girls will like bedazzling pumpkins for glam Halloween decorations. Purchase self-adhesive rhinestones in different colors and shapes from a craft store, and stick the stones onto pumpkins of different sizes. The stones can be used to create designs, such as a spider web, cat or witch's hat, or to create sparkly facial features for the pumpkin. Turn the pumpkin into a disco ball by adding jewels all over the gourd. To really jazz it up, spray paint the pumpkins with glittery paint before the stones are added.

Skeleton Pumpkins

Small pumpkins morph into creepy skeleton decorations with this craft. Use a small pie pumpkin and a smaller decorative mini-pumpkin to make the skeleton. Paint both pumpkins white with acrylic or spray paint, and layer over them with a glitter paint. When the pumpkins are dry, make a skeleton face on the small pumpkin with large black eyes and a straight line for a mouth. Draw small vertical lines over the mouth to look like a skeleton grin, and stack the small pumpkin on the large one to complete the skeleton.

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