Teen Pageants in Alabama

by Jennifer Leigh
Alabama teens can enter a number of beauty pageants.

Alabama teens can enter a number of beauty pageants.

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Beauty pageants are a way for teens to allow both their inner and outer beauty to shine. If you live in Alabama and are interested in entering a beauty pageant, you have many options. You may choose from several major pageants in the state as well as many local ones. Get ready for some competition though because the pageants are tough as well as fun.

National Pageants

Teenagers from Alabama can choose to enter national pageants such as Miss Teen America (missteenamerica.com), America's Junior Miss (ajm.com) and Miss Junior National Teenager (nationalteen.com). These pageants select a representative from each state to participate in their national pageants. Teens interested in applying can fill out an online application along with an application fee to be considered. Preliminary qualifications are held each year in the state of Alabama.

Local Pageants

Many cities and towns in Alabama have local pageants for festivals, fairs and other events. Pageants include Miss Teen Azalea Pageant (friendsofsemmes.org), Miss Teen Mobile Bay Pageant, Miss Teen Trojan (trop.troy.edu/~bcampbell), the Miss Fountain City Pageant (missfountaincity.com) and many others. Winners of these pageants will often be nominated to other pageants at a higher level in the state of Alabama such as Miss Teen Alabama, so keep your eyes and ears open about application deadlines and future events.

Requirements to Enter

Most pageants in the state of Alabama require an entry fee along with other qualifications. For teen pageants the minimum age to enter is usually 13, and the maximum age ranges from 16 to 19. Applicants are required to submit a current photo, a birth certificate, a statement of understanding of the rules, a personal statement and a talent form. Teens are required to meet certain qualifications as far as grades are concerned as most pageants in Alabama involve scholarships, but these requirements vary.

Tips For Winning

In the state of Alabama, it is important to have community service qualifications as this shows a level of inner beauty in addition to outer beauty. This means volunteering at school, church or in the community. Talents are also important. Past teen pageant winners in Alabama have been proficient in dance, music and singing. The judges look for an overall qualified and well-rounded person to make the state proud.

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