Teddy Bear Picnic Invitation Ideas

by Sarah Freeman
Remind guests to bring their teddy bears to the picnic.

Remind guests to bring their teddy bears to the picnic.

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Any picnic can become a magical event when teddy bears are invited, which makes a teddy bear picnic a favorite party theme for many youngsters and their parents. If you're hosting a teddy bear picnic, kick off the festivities with a homemade invitation. You can create a teddy bear-themed invitation for each guest to showcase the fun that's to come at the party.


Create a basic invitation for your teddy bear picnic invitation with card stock. Cut out the sturdy material into a rectangular shape, about 5 inches by 7 inches. Write the needed party information on the surface of the card, or type the words on the computer and print it directly onto the card stock. Include the name of the party and a brief description, as well as where it will take place, at what time and how guests can RSVP. Also, remind guests to bring their own furry friend to join in the festivities. Finish off the invitation by adding a teddy bear sticker or inking a teddy bear stamp onto the card.

Teddy Bear-Shaped

The teddy bear is the focus of the party, so design the invitations to resemble one of the cuddly creatures. Sketch the silhouette of a teddy bear on sturdy paper, such as a file folder. Include the animal's iconic rounded ears and outstretched arms. Cut out the design and use it as a pattern to trace the bear onto a decorative invitation paper. Cut out these shapes for the invitations. Bring the bear to life by gluing googly eyes and a pompom nose on the face of the cutout. Draw a big smile, too. Write the party information on the tummy of the bear.

Picnic Basket

Give the guests their invitations, as well as an accessory for their teddy bears, by hand delivering the invitations in a miniature picnic basket. Go to a craft store or scour a thrift shop to find small woven baskets with a handle. Layer each basket with a piece of red-and-white checkered fabric. Write or print the invitation information on a piece of plain office paper and roll it into a tube. Tie the invitation with a ribbon, place it in the basket and give it to the person you want to invite.


Showcase just how cute the teddy bear picnic will be by taking a picture of your own stuffed toys and turning it into the invitation. Stage your own teddy bear picnic in your backyard or a local park, arranging the bears on a blanket with a tea set in front of them. Snap a picture of the scene and print out as many 4-by-6-inch copies of the picture as you need invitations. Use a pair of craft scissors to trim a design along the edges of the photo. Glue the picture onto a colored piece of card stock that's slightly larger than the photo. Write the invitation information on the back of the card stock.

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