Teddy Bear Party Games

by Tracey Bleakley
Plan a teddy bear theme for your child's next birthday party.

Plan a teddy bear theme for your child's next birthday party.

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If your little one loves her teddy, plan a teddy bear birthday party. Plan some teddy bear games to go with your bear-themed decorations and food. When your guests start to get restless, you'll be glad that you have some fun activities ready to go.

Teddy Bear Hunt

Young children love a treasure hunt. Hide a few teddy bears around the room or area where the party will be held and challenge the guests to find them. Let the child who finds the most hide the bears again for the other children to find.

Pass the Teddy Bear

Have the children sit in a circle. Turn on some music and give them a teddy bear to pass around the circle. When the music stops, the child who is holding the bear is out and leaves the circle. As each child leaves, give him a small prize like a sticker. Continue to play until only one child is left. That child is the winner and receives a small gift.

Teddy Bear Says

Instead of Simon Says, play a game of Teddy Bear Says with your party guests. Invite the children to stand in front of you and copy the actions that you do, but only when you say "Teddy Bear Says" to do the action. They can't follow the instruction if Teddy Bear doesn't say to or they are out. Throw in some bear-themed actions, such as growling like a bear, for extra fun!

Feed the Bear

Make a large bear shape out of cardboard. Cut out a large hole for the mouth. Give each child three yellow bean bags to represent honey. On his turn, each child tries to toss the bean bags into the bear's mouth to "feed" it. Provide stickers or other small prizes to the children who toss a bag into the bear's mouth.

Honey, Honey Bear

Need an active game to get your party guests up and moving? Play Duck, Duck, Goose with a teddy bear twist. Sit the children in a circle and and choose one child to be "It." That child moves around the circle touching each child's head and saying "Honey." When she gets to the child she wants to choose, she says "Bear" instead and that child jumps up and chases her around the circle, trying to catch her before she reaches her seat.

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