Teddy Bear Christmas Projects

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Teddy bears are traditional Christmas gifts for children. These stuffed animals can be dressed up to show holiday cheer and incorporated into a variety of Christmas projects. Design shirts and sweaters for teddy bears to wear, or create ornaments that feature teddy bears. These projects make great Christmas decorations and gifts.


Many craft stores sell teddy bear parts for creating customized bears. Turn these bear parts into ornaments. Paint a Styrofoam ball with Christmas colors or a Christmas design, or cover it with holiday fabric. Use the finished ball as the bear's mid-section. Attach a teddy bear head, arms and legs to the ball with hot glue to create a cute ornament.

Children's Crafts

Glue a piece of ribbon to the end of half a walnut shell. Glue a cotton ball inside the shell and cover with a piece of cloth. Add a small circle of felt to a medium brown pom-pom. Glue two small pom-poms to the medium one for ears. Add seed beads for eyes and a nose. Glue the head to the top of the walnut shell for a cute ornament. For another ornament, mix one cup cinnamon with 1/2 cup of applesauce. Roll out the mixture out and cut out shapes with a teddy bear cookie cutter. Poke a hole near the top of the bear and allow it to dry for a few days. Tie a ribbon through the hole once the bear is dry.

Sewing Activities

Purchase a teddy bear needlepoint or cross-stitch activity from a craft store and add red or green holiday accents as you follow the pattern. Fabric stores often sell sewing patterns. Purchase a pattern for a dress or shirt in a newborn or infant size and choose a Christmas-themed fabric. Follow the pattern to create a holiday outfit for your favorite teddy bear.

Other Projects

Create a teddy bear snow globe by hot gluing a plastic or poly-resin teddy bear figurine to the inside lid of a small glass or clear plastic jar. Add a plastic Christmas tree or other decoration. Sprinkle glitter in the jar and fill it with water or baby oil. Screw on the lid and turn the jar over for a festive snow globe. Use a red or green logo for more holiday cheer.

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