Teddy Bear Baby Shower Themes

by Trisha Dawe
Decorate the shower venue with plush teddy bears.

Decorate the shower venue with plush teddy bears.

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Teddy bears are common gifts for new arrivals to the family, so integrate the idea into a theme for a baby shower. Adapt all facets of the shower including decor, food and games to the theme. Use bears from children's books, television shows or other favorite teddy bears to customize the broad teddy bear theme according to the gender of the baby and the tastes and preferences of the expectant mother.

Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh, one of the Hundred Acre Woods inhabitants, is an appropriate teddy bear theme for a baby shower. Decorate the guest tables by inserting floral foam into a honey pot and pressing decorative bees attached to floral wire into the foam. Cover the foam with grass around the wire and insert a small Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal into the centerpiece. Download free Winnie the Pooh clip art images to your computer and use the pictures on the face of the shower invitation. Use a Winnie the Pooh cake tin and a star icing tip to decorate a themed cake for the shower.

Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin is an '80s animated talking bear that engaged children by telling them stories. Use the main concept for the teddy bear as the premise for the shower. Create a storybook and have it hardbound by a printing company about the infant that is welcomed to the world by those gathering at the Teddy Ruxpin baby shower. Read the story to the guests. Actual Teddy Ruxpin bears may be difficult to find or expensive to purchase so decorate the shower venue with Teddy Ruxpin images enlarged by a printer or on your home computer. As a shower activity, encourage groups of guests to write stories for the new arrival.

Pink and Blue Teddy Bears

Correlate the color of general teddy bears to the gender of the expected baby. Hang pink teddy bears from the ceiling using transparent fishing line for a girl's shower or blue bears for a boy. Create and ice bear-shaped cookies for shower snacks using pink or blue frosting. Sprinkle blue or pink buttons in lieu of table confetti because vintage teddy bears often contained button eyes. Each guest table races to construct a diaper cake by rolling disposable diapers and securing them with clear rubber bands. Shape the diaper rolls into a three-tiered cake, use pink or blue ribbon to adorn the faux confection and place a pink or blue teddy bear as the cake topper.

Shower Favors and Games

Extending favors to guests to appreciate their presence at the celebration and playing festive games are typical and bear-related favors and games can stretch across any teddy bear themed baby shower. Hold a honey taste-testing game for guests to determine which blind tasting item is honey, molasses or any other gooey mixture. Race to create teddy bear pizzas using a number of toppings to make a premade pizza shell appear like a teddy bear. The game doubles as a food option. Give each guest a small teddy bear magnet along with a baby food jar filled with honey. Fill a small newborn baby bottle with gummy bears to stick to the theme and offer a favor treat. Another option for favors is honey-flavored or scented items such as homemade candles or candy.

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